This article refers to events taking place within HOI game #1 that ran in May 2017


The Western Security Union Edit

The Western Security Union, often abbreviated as 'WSU', is a multinational political, economic and military alliance consisting of 13 nations and one partner, Israel. The five core members include; The United States, Canada, France, Spain and Italy having formed the block in May of 2000.

Foundation (2000 - 2002) Edit

The WSU was founded after the United States led a strike against the Canadian government after its failure as a neighbour to guarantee security and stability in the region. Afterwards, a friendly government was put in place and both countries formed the Union together. Within a month of the formation, Italy, France and Spain all independently applied and joined the WSU.

In 2001 after winning the election George W. Bush, recognising a threat from Mexico to the south, invaded it's second neighbour within a year capitulating Mexico City by December, eventually puppeting the Government and seizing Northern Mexico for itself. A domino effect triggered smaller nations like the Bahamas in North America to try form another Union to combat the WSU, but they ultimately failed, resulting in the nuclear destruction of Nassau 'as a reminder of the WSU's dedication to maintaining true stability in the region.' Spoke bush in a statement the day after. By the end of 2002, the WSU had secured North America, whilst across Atlantic, Russia had collapsed and rebirthed as the Soviet Union.

European Expansion (2002 - 2006) Edit

As a commitment to the WSU's European Members, the United States dispatched over 100 divisons of Infantry, Armour and Air, amounting to around 1,500,000 men, to France, Italy and Spain. The U.S. has maintained this quota of over 100 divisions in Europe at any one time ever since. Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General James N. Mattis, said that the move was to "Counter Soviet aggression and show solidarity with our European Allies in the face of a growing threat to the east."

In 2003, eyes watched closely as the United Kingdom held an election. The importance was high, if they voted Conservative the UK would join the WSU, if they voted Labour the UK would pursue Isolationism. The vote passed, giving Labour a 0.10% margin of victory. Distraught and annoyed at losing a valuable partner, the WSU continued to put on more political pressure unbeknownst that Germany was planning to invade the British Isles. In 2004 after multiple failed invasions by Germany, and not willing to give up the strategic location of Britain, nor willing to risk war with a fascist Germany, the WSU along with French help invaded Great Britain itself before any real German invasion could take place. In the end, a divide was created in the UK, with East England going to Germany, West England and Northern Ireland to the United States, and Scotland was puppeted by France.

Following the partial success of securing Britain, the WSU turned it's attention to Eastern Europe and began to puppet and install various governments. Simultaneously, the Soviet Union was also doing the same. Throughout the rest of 2005 and 2006, multiple of these small governments were propped up, destroyed various times until it gradually eased out with the WSU losing many of the smaller nations to communist support, with few remaining allied to the WSU such as Slovakia. Since then, the WSU has downplayed its attempts of seizing eastern block countries with military force and has instead turned to diplomacy to win them over.

Throughout the rest of 2006, the WSU continued to reaffirm its loyalty to its primary European allies making no more military moves in the region.

Middle East and the Collapse of Germany (2007 - 2008)Edit

Even before the WSU existed, the state of Israel had been a long time partner of the United States and under its guarantee. Following an agreement, Isreal began to downplay its Nationalistic ideals (switching to more conservative, democratic values.) and in return became a partner of the WSU until it will be fit to become a fully fledged member, making it the fourteenth in the Union.

In exchange for this, the WSU supported the expansion of Israel into Egypt, Libya and Sudan both politically and with some small Military Support, being able to gain Tripoli as a staging area in North Africa whilst Israel enjoyed the spoils of its new found super state. Despite suffering heavy casualties to its volunteers, the WSU had found a new ally that could watch over Africa.

Back in Europe, and seemingly out of nowhere, Poland suddenly declared war against Germany, taking advantage of its conflict with Sweden and sweeping across the country. The WSU was too slow to respond to the unpredicted move, and could only simply strengthen its borders as the only real buffer between the Eastern Alliance and the WSU was lost. Poland, the most belligerant TEA member in Europe itself, was now posed as a next-door threat to France, forcing the WSU to bolster its already high amounts of military support as the threat was now a misfire away from war with the Eastern Alliance, something of which the WSU has hoped to avoid coming so close to its core founding members.

In 2008, John McCain became the President succeding the very well recieved outgoing George W. Bush, McCain stated that "We will continue to do what we can in supporting our Allies both in the Middle East and Europe. I have made it my purpose to carry on what President Bush has created."